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What Makes a Good Recommendation Letter for Architecture School Applications

by Evangelos Limpantoudis A good recommendation letter should consist of there segments: 1. Introduction of the recommender, discussion of how his background and opinion matter, and discussion of the relationship with the candidate. 2. Discussion of the experience that the recommender had with the candidate. Sharing specific experiences, anecdotes, etc. This is a key segment, […]

The Most Important Thing To Remember When Putting Together an Architecture School Portfolio

The biggest deal when dealing with graduate architecture school applications is YOU and not your work. In essence, even if you have a B.Arch., your focus should not be on your most perfect renderings, but on those drawings and sketches that bring up your own personality and way of thinking. Through these sketches you will […]

Portfolio Tip: Diagramming = The Architect’s Text

Effective diagramming of ideas and processes can make the difference between an architect and just an aspiring architect. The ability to communicate ideas quickly with a swing of a pencil will be essential throughout your career, from team-meetings at the firms you will work, to meetings with clients or contractors. Diagramming is particularly significant when […]