Our Portfolio Design and Development program is tailored to the background, schedule, and goals of our students. Sessions take place in person, at our Manhattan office, or online, depending on the student’s location and needs. During our program, you will be able to develop strong design skills, a powerful portfolio strategy, and excellent content for a carefully assembled and edited portfolio. Since 2002, we have helped thousands of architecture school applicants develop excellent portfolios (most of them from scratch). Our students have been accepted into undergraduate and graduate programs at schools like Harvard GSD, Columbia GSAPP, Cooper Union, Cornell AAP, MIT SAP, Yale SOA, Yale, UC Berkeley, Princeton, UPenn, and many others.Many received coveted scholarships, fellowships, grants and other forms of financial awards, as well as recognition for their excellent work. 

If you already have a portfolio, we can evaluate it and help you understand its strengths and weaknesses, as well as propose ways for you to fix it if necessary. We use a sequence of different evaluation tools, as well as good old common sense that comes our of years of experience. We can provide you with a comprehensive, 30 to 50 page report, which analyzes all aspects of your portfolio, critiques them, and proposes possible solutions, all according to your goal, needs, and strategic profile, OR we can just meet with you (online or in person), and go over the entire portfolio in detail.

Our most successful students begin their entire portfolio design and development process with the development of a competitive admissions strategy and portfolio framework. This is a key phase in the development process and defines everything that is necessary for the development of your portfolio, including your profile, thematic approach, purpose, overall narrative, organization of the portfolio, type of content, etc. Through free-association and a series of  exercises (including reflection based on the already existing content) we will help you define everything that matters in developing a very competitive application and portfolio

The second stage is Content Development, during which you will get to develop projects and maximize the effectiveness of your portfolio’s content. This is a very interesting and creative stage in the process, during which you will have a chance not only to work towards your goal for admission, but also to learn new design skills ranging from software use, to digital graphics, to traditional methods of drawing, painting, model-building and even sculpture, all of which will be extremely useful to you during your time at design school. As part of this process, our experts will be available at any time in-between sessions through email to answer any questions that you might have, and to offer feedback.

This is part of the last phase of the portfolio development process, when we actually put together the book. In some cases all that is required is a set of slides or prints. Therefore, the third stage of our process only applies to cases of schools that require a complete book. This stage is extremely involved on our side, as every page, chapter and project will be developed through a back-and-forth process and will be analyzed and tested by us during (and between) sessions in order to determine the level of its clarity and significance within the portfolio.

Selecting which school is the ideal for you is a very important and tough decision. Through our strategic consulting sessions you will be able to make an informed and clear decision based on our long experience and based on facts about the schools that you are considering. Just like in the case of the portfolio and admissions consulting workshops, we will begin by understanding your background, interests, passions, aspirations, etc. In essence, we will define where you are, where you want to go, and which school would be ideal for helping you get there.

The purpose of the online workshops is to  provide people who live outside New York City with access to our strategic consulting for architecture school portfolio design and development, as well as for architecture school admissions strategy. Our online workshop process is extremely successful and seamless, and has been developed through over ten years of experience in online design teaching and learning processes.  Through the use of slide-shows, various types of software, video-conferencing, and online file-sharing, we will easily create an inspiring and creative environment for you to develop your strategy, skills, content, and portfolio.

The statement of purpose is the second most important element of an Architecture School application. Even if the applicant has the perfect portfolio, an essay that is incomplete, confusing, irrelevant to strategy, boring, or developed the wrong way, can ruin the applicant’s chances admission to a top school. At ASR the essay becomes the centerpiece of our process. Along with a variety of other tools, the essay is used as a strategic script, based on which we define the entire application, and develop everything else, including the portfolio and recommendation letters. Our essay workshops can be fully integrated with the rest of our process, or 100% independent of it and are available both online and in-person at our 48 Wall Street office.